{Designer's Challenge} A to Zebra Celebrations - Coffee Birthday Brunch

Monday, October 10, 2011

Challenger - A to Zebra Celebrations 
 Coffee Birthday Brunch 

Theme: Coffee Birthday Brunch

I have been super excited to participate in this Designer’s Challenge for $100 budget.  There are 11 other super talented party stylists participating.  I couldn’t be more honored to share some of my affordable party ideas! Thank you for including me!

About the theme: I know we all have a girlfriend who is addicted to coffee right?!  I know I have several.  Starbucks seems to be the favorite spot for my girlfriends and I to hang out, drink some coffee and catch up on our lives!  It seems there’s always coffee served at get togethers with our girlfriends whether is a jewelry party, candle party, bunco, etc.  I really wanted to stick with the color green so, as I was driving one day by a Starbucks, my light bulb went on and told myself “That’s it!”....This will be the theme for the $100 party challenge. I was very inspired and the ideas started rolling in my head.

Set up: I own lots of tables, but I used to borrow from my friends when I didn’t have any.  Since I throw lots of parties now, I have invested in tables.  I think it’s great to have those handy and you only have to buy them once. I did borrow the black chairs for the card table from one of my friends.

I have tons of white dishes.  These are super easy to find.  I shop at thrift stores and garage sales frequently.  I have found the best bargains out there.  White dishes are also available at Target and Walmart for affordable prices.  I know your neighbor or friends will let you borrow some too.

I went to Starbucks and they were happy to give me free cups.  Most of my frames are from garage sales, but some are from Target and the Dollar Tree. The black tablecloth is from Target. The tablecloth for the square table is from Goodwill for $2 bucks! The white teapot with little cups was a find last weekend at a garage sale for $4 bucks and it’s from Pier 1 Imports. It was brand-new still in the box with tags....love it!  The black and white “Coffee” mugs were a find at Ross for $5.99.

Decor: I kept the decor super simple.  I used one of the plants I had in my house for the right of the table.  I have green storage boxes that I used as well.  I made the coffee garland hanging on the front of the table.  I hang it with twine. I made the pot warmer under the teapot with lids from recycled Starbucks frappuccino jars. I punched out the scalloped doilies from a cereal box. I added some green scrapbook paper with mod podge.  I placed them under the coffee mugs on the black table with chairs.  I also put a plant from my house on the middle of the table.

Printables: The invitation, signs, tags and poster were designed by my friend Summerlyn from MemoriesToo.com.  She opened an etsy shop recently, but we worked together back in 2008 when my youngest turned 1.  She is an awesome designer! She took my vision and created the most perfect designs for this party.  Her link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MemoriesToo

Food/Desserts: I chose to keep the food and desserts simple and affordable.  I decided to bake the zucchini bread only because we love it in our house and I have the BEST recipe ever!  The rest of the sweets included- donettes, mini cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, and some grapes.
***Other suggestions/ideas for food NOT on this table: muffins, cinnamon sugar toast, bagels and cream cheese, green apples, bananas, pound cake, and more!
Drinks: Regular cofffee, decaf, Starbucks frappuccino mocha, hot chocolate and green hot tea for the non-coffee drinkers :)  I purchased 3 creamer choices: Caramel Machiatto, Hazelnut and French Vanilla along with splend and equal sugar.

Thank you favors were a little box of green tic tacs with a label saying “Thanks a latte, my friend!”

*Food and drinks: $41.25 (I used several grocery coupons)
*Printing labels at local UPS store: $10
*Black and white coffee mugs from Ross $5.99
*White teapot with cups $4
*Square black tablecloth from Goodwill $2
*Scrapbook paper for garland and doilies $2
*Black tablecloth from Target $15.99 (I didn’t buy this though. I’ve had it for a while) I’m just adding this in case you have to buy one to add to the budget.

Total I spent for this party $65.24
If you had to add a black tablecloth from Target at $15.99 you would spend $81.23

I didn’t spend anything on professional pictures.  I took all the pictures with my point and shoot Kodak EasyShare :)

I hope you feel inspired to have a sweet birthday brunch for one of your girlfriends! It could also be an excuse to just get together, play games, host a jewelry or candle party for one of your friends!

  Final Tally 


CelebratingGoodTimes.com said...

Nancy; Beautiful job~ love it and coffee too!

Jill {peasandthankyous} said...

Nancy this is PERFECT! Every detail!!

Pink Peppermint Paper said...

So cute! And I can't believe that final cost! Love the tic tacs too!

Mayra Rivera said...

Love it!

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