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Monday, October 10, 2011

Challenger - The Party Muse 
The Bayou Princess

When I heard the theme for this challenge was “Go Green” I instantly thought of how I would tie that into an event for tweens.  I love that age for little girls, when every party is a slumber party and it’s all about nail polish and hair accessories J  I decided to do a take on the princess theme but more grown up, and sans all the characters.  This one is styled using the colors from The Princess and the Frog.  Since that takes place in New Orleans, I thought the name Bayou Princess was fitting.  I styled it like a dinner party however, it’s all desserts.  In my mind of course it’s a slumber party and the girls have already eaten dinner (I found a recipe for Poor Man’s Gumbo that would be perfect!) and now they’re sitting down for a formal dessert….set’s the mood for a night of fun J

Final Tally


No Bayou party is complete without a little swamp water beverage!  This one is just melon powerade with gummy worms J

The table: 
Glitter gift wrap table runner, $4.99 at Michaels. 
Green plastic chargers, $.50 each on Clearance from Crate & Barrel Outlet.
Tiara: $5 from party store.
Purple votive holders: $1.59 each Michaels.
Lilly pad paper coasters: cut from 2 sheets of “Lime Crush” card stock, $.69 each
Purple paper placemats:  Purple cardstock size 12x12, $.59 each
Purple Crackers made from toilet paper rolls ($0), ribbon ($1.50), and napkins ($1.59).  Filled with Swedish Fish ($2.69)
Glasses, plates, plastic flatware, centerpiece vase, and white table cloth: Mine

Table Design approximately $29

The Dessert table I thought should have something special for the birthday girl so I contacted Dulce of Fun Favors to create some cupcake toppers for me.  They were my one splurge item for this event.  Everything else was DIY!

The fondant cupcake toppers created by Fun Favors are a show stopper!  They were $2 each and worth every penny because they tie the theme together so nicely.  For my Bayou Princess theme she created crowns, the age of the birthday girl, flowers like mine, and masquerade masks….PERFECT!  The cupcake cakes were just boxed cake I made and put inside of some outer cupcake papers I got at AC Moore for $3.99

The beautiful “swamp dipped marshmallow pops” were also made by Fun Favors for $2 each.  I just got 6 of those.  I made the popcorn cones from cardstock and cut some lilly pads from paper for labels.

I had some green chocolate and golden Oreos in the house already so I decided to just put them together and make “Moss Covered Cookies” for a final treat. 

The Dessert table:

Paper flowers:  16 sheets of cardstock at $.49 each = $8
Cupcakes: $30
Marshmallow pops: $12
Mini Marshmallows: $2
Popcorn cones: $2
Backdrop: $7
Popcorn: $2

Cost approximately $63

The total for my event was $92


Jill {peasandthankyous} said...

K I adore the place settings with all the lily pads, so cute!! Will you teach me to make the 3d flowers? I have tried (and failed) so many times!! Yours are perfect!

Ann-Margaret said...

What a cute theme, Khaliah!! I love those colorful flowers!! The swamp water is a definite fave...and, the worms...the perfect touch!! :) And, who wouldn't love those amazing cupcake toppers?!! Love how you designed it for a tween party...a little sophistication with just the right amount of glitter 'n glam!!

Natalie {the knock-knock factory} said...

Bayou brilliance. Fab job Kahlia!!!

FunFavors said...

it looks really fun!! and looove the color combo!
good luck!

The Party Muse said...

OMG, you guys are all so sweet, thanks so much for your compliments of my display :)) @Jill, the flowers were so easy, I would love to show you how to make them!

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