Blizzard 2010 - What I did!

Friday, February 12, 2010

For today, I originally had planned another post but after a little thinking this came to mind. It is a little departure from my regular post but one that I hope you enjoy none the less.  Just a little peak into the life of Ebony.

It's Friday and I'm so happy to report that it is no longer snowing in Northern Virginia where I reside with my family. If you haven't heard we just had the largest blizzard this area has seen in over 150+ years!  We have about 40+ inches in our front yard!  It started out last week and just stopped yesterday.  Most of my friends know that I have absolutely LOVED being snowed in with my family.  It is just what the doctor ordered. Time to pause and stop to reflect on how wonderfully blessed I am and think about what the future hold for us.  We had our niece over with us because her mom had to work and I made a week of activities, including baking cookies, making chocolate covered marshmallows, and Valentine's Day cupcakes.  So I thought I would post a few pictures of our snow and our fun activities this week.  :)

My oldest sitting atop the snow...

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops
*the ingredients*
* dip it*
*all done* 
*cupcake time* 
*my amateur swirls*
*valentine's day heart*

How did you spend your time snowed in?  My girls and I had a great time...AND it looks like we might be getting a little more snow on Monday! WOW!

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Party Box Design said...

very cute! look at those yummmmy sweet treats!

thanks for popping over to PBD! Have a fab weekend!

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