{Giveaway} Free Trash The Dress Photo Session in Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Calling All Brides..... 

Maggie Mudd Photography is giving away a free Trash the Dress photo session in Washington, D.C. this Spring or Summer!  If you remember, I blogged about this new phenomenon a couple months ago.  Well, here is a little from Maggie's blog and I encourage you to submit your story! If you decide to submit your story, tell her that we sent you!  :)  Heck, I might even submit mine!  That would be all the inspiration I need to get back into my wedding dress!  Good luck!


“Trash the Dress” makes a lot of brides nervous… me too. I admit it. The thought of throwing paint across the beautiful ivory satin that makes up a wedding dress gives many of us hives. But, for the daring couples who treasure a fine art photograph rather than a satin dress, a messy TTD session is great, and I’m totally down with that (much respect). But what about those of you with hives? Does this mean you can’t have an awesome after the wedding day photo session with cool props, awesome locations and nontraditional themes? Heck no! A “Trash the Dress” doesn’t have to literally trash… your dress. What about a photo shoot at a 50’s diner with milkshakes and burgers? What about a metro ride in your wedding day attire, reading the express? Maybe a carnival or county fair… the Ferris wheel could be so fun! Ok… the hem of your dress might be a bit dirty, but that’s nothing a good dry cleaning can’t take care of. My point is, I’m up for any kind of Trash the Dress session YOU can come up with! And the best part… I want to do it for free!
MMP is looking to photograph it’s first official Trash the Dress session with one lucky couple. So here’s my plan…
MMP’s Creative/Fun/Awesome/Adventurous Trash the Dress competition:
Couples are encouraged to submit entries if you are:
1. Willing to put your dress and suit back on for a fun day of picture taking
2. Creative
3. Adventurous
4. Fun
5. Already married
That’s it!


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