Trash the Dress!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The "Trash the Dress" session for brides in their wedding gowns has become a big hit over the past few years.  What are you going to do with that wedding dress after the wedding.  Most brides will preserve their dress with the hopes that one day their daughter would wear it down the aisle.  Honestly, more than likely that won't happen but we can always have hope. I know I do!  I do hope that one of my daughters will either wear my dress or at least have some pieces of it incorporated into her gown.  That's my wish but who knows what the fashion will be like 30 years from now (yes, she can't get married in her 20's).  :)

The "Trash the Dress" photo session is a cute photo session that takes some fun and exciting pictures of the bride in their wedding dress doing things that they would never do on their wedding date or typically even IN their wedding dress. It can get quite risky...but tons of fun and excitement. They could be laying on the ground (even in mud), splashing water, or even UNDER WATER... :)  The idea of going underwater or in the mud in my wedding gown makes me shiver.  However, now brides are now purchasing a second (or sometimes third) dress for their "Trash the Dress" session.  Great idea!

These are photos from an amazing photographer, Nicole Koester that I will be working with in August for my first destination wedding.  I can't wait to see what the bride will look like in the beautiful waters of the Dominican Republic.  



Visit Nicole's website for more breathtaking beautiful photography.  


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